David Johnson
Video Game Designer and Developer

My Artwork

While I am a computer science major, I also have a background in art, including drawing, sculpture, stop motion, and 3D computer animation. This is a gallery of some of my work through the years.
  1. Perspective Building
    Perspective Building
  2. Computer
  3. Cat Animation
    Cat Animation
  4. Purse Monochrome
    Purse Monochrome
  5. Self Portrait
    Self Portrait
  6. Object Study
    Object Study
  7. Hand Study
    Hand Study
  8. Flour Sack
    Flour Sack
  9. 3D Robot
    3D Robot
  10. Greek Pot Front
    Greek Pot Front
  11. Greek Pot Back
    Greek Pot Back
  12. Old Man Mask
    Old Man Mask
Penguin Slide