Atomic Overload

Atomic Overload is a game of quick evasion in space, playable on both PC and mobile platforms. It was developed in a team of six using HTML5. I was elected to be the lead programmer and lead designer of the game. It was made to be used as an advertisement for a science competition among local high schools, known as the Science Olympiad. This competition took place at UW-Stout, so the game features information about the campus.
You are an astronaut tasked with the duty of defending the Earth's atmosphere from high energy particles from a nearby exploding star.
The game is a 2D space-themed arcade game, in which you must make your way through 8 different levels. The goal is to use collector pods to collect particles in space, and bring them back to your mothership. At the same time, you have to dodge high energy particles that are headed your way, and keep your pods from overfilling and exploding. There are powerups to help you along your way. It's a fast-paced game of dodging and collection.
As the lead programmer on the game, I was in charge of the other two programmers. This gave me the responsibility of delegating their tasks, giving directions, and helping them out when needed. Since I was also lead designer, I was also very involved with the art team and the lead artist, and I played a part in about every piece of the game.