Flippy Bug

Flippy Bug is a small game created as an intro project in my Junior year game development class. It was my first experience with HTML5 and creating a browser-based game. My classmates and I were put into teams of two, with an artist and a programmer on each team.
Each team was given a reference game and the task to create a similar game with HTML5 within a week. Our game was one of the very common "flappy" type of games. My partner and I didn't want to just make another carbon copy of flappy bird, so we added some new mechanics to the pot.

Flippy Bug can run on the ground, jump over flowers, and fly through randomly generated vines. He must collect pieces of fruit to get points, and every time he gets a hundred points, he does a little flip for good measure! 

As the single programmer on the team, I was responsible for creating all of the physics and mechanics for the game, as well as importing sounds and editing sprites. HTML5 was a foreign platform to me, so I'm glad that I could study it and expand my skillset. The artist of the game is Karlee Hansen, and she's done a wonderful job of making the game pretty.