Hazardous Blade Arena

Hazardous Blade Arena was made as part of a 48 hour game jam. It was made on a team of 5 people in Unity. This was my first experience with making a game in Unity, as well as my first game jam.
You are a robot forced to run through a dangerous obstacle course, complete with spikes, saws, and fire! Make your way to the golden butcher's knife and claim your prize!
This game's creation, as well as just being part of a game jam, was a great exercise in time management. Basically, the entire development of the game was crunch time. The theme of the game jam was "Random Name Jam," where teams got assigned names created in a random name generator. We obviously got "Hazardous Blade Arena".

An important ability this game taught me was the flexibility to switch up a game's direction mid-development. Once we received the name, our team initially came up with the idea of a four-player networked arena fighter utilizing weapons and traps. However, networking hit a dead end, so we had to make a quick decision.

I came up with the idea to transform the game into a third-person obstacle course, which would allow us to change the gameplay, but still align with the title of the game. I then designed the entire course, and I also programmed the movement of the character. It became a great learning experience in level design.