Ninjello is an independent project in development for PC and mobile platforms. It is a 2D platformer with wall jumping, corner grabbing, and fighting.
You take the role of a ninja made of gelatin. Evil, spoiled gelatin has escaped from the refrigerator and has taken over the house. It's your job to revive your fallen ninja masters, learn new abilities, and rid the house of the evil gelatin.
I am the sole developer of this game. The animations on the sprites are very fluid, and have given me a lot of art experience. I have tried to make the physics of movement as easy to play with as possible, including air acceleration and wall sliding. I believe it would do well as a mobile application.
Ninjello has started out as a project in Game Maker, and although I have been able to work around many issues with the program in order to get the game working, I've considered exporting my current sprite work and moving the project over to Unity and creating it as a 2D Unity game. This would make game development much smoother.

The downloadable is a test area of the game in Game Maker. It will let you play with the movement and mechanics of the game, as well as see the sprite work I've done.