Olymbots is a 4-player PC and console party game consisting of six different games. It takes place accross many different outer-space locations, where robots fight it out in their own unconventional olympic games!

The production of this game was fairly unconventional as well. Due to the game being split up into six different games, as well as the lack of artists available in our class, we had to come up with our own methods of organization. Each of the six games was assigned to a team of three programmers, with the artists working on their own team, providing assets to everyone.

My team and I were in charge of a game in which four cafeteria worker robots duke it out in the lunch room of a spaceship. It's a third person class-based deathmatch game, where each robot has a melee weapon and a special ability. Examples of the classes are the Butcher with a lunging belly-bump, the Baker with a stunning rolling pin, the Cafeteria Lady with blinding soup, and the Custodian with slippery puddles. Each class has its own speed, damage, and defense. Players must navigate around the environment, throw food, and get the best of their opponents in fast-paced combat!

The game uses no premade unity controllers, so the movement and animation programming was completely handled by our team. I was the lead programmer in terms of the movement, combat, and the abilities of the characters. Although those were my main focusses, I had a hand in the programming of about every piece of the game.
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