Rat Dash

Rat Dash is a 2D light-based puzzle game made on a team of four using GameMaker, and is playable on PC.
In Rat Dash, you take the place of a rat escaping from the sewers. But watch out! There are alligators and cats threatening your life. The scary part about the sewers is that they are a very dark place. You can only see the enemies, coins, and keys that are in your line of sight. However, if you find any torches, you can use them to light up parts of the room. You may be in for a couple scary surprises!

I was responsible for designing and programming many of the mechanics of the game, including the grid-based movement of the rat and the enemies, along with both the points and keys systems. Most notably, I came up with the concept of the unique line of sight lighting system in the game, and programmed it myself. I had to utilize Game Maker's tools in many advanced ways in order to get the game to work.
Keep your wits about you in this tricky puzzler!