Train Puzzle App

The Train Game (as I'm currently referring to it) is a level-based 3D puzzle game in development for android and iOS. I am working on this game as a solo project as of now. I have programmed the entirety of the game so far, and I intend to program the whole thing. The art is still in the "Unity Art" phase. I plan on modelling and texturing plenty of the game myself, but I may contact a dedicated artist as well.

The game's main feature is its cube-shaped levels. Each side of the cube is a 5x5 grid, with each grid space holding a game piece. These pieces can be tracks, switches, buttons, barriers, or more. This gives the game a whole new dimension of play. The player uses swipes and taps to rotate the cube and activate special track pieces. The goal on each level is to collect three stray train cars and make it to the exit. The player will have to switch tracks, push minecarts, avoid running into other trains on the track, and complete many other tasks.

There will be two types of levels. The first type of level is the puzzle level. In puzzle levels, the track is pre-built, and the player must simply navigate the train on the tracks in order to collect the train cars and finish the level. The second type of level is the build level, which entails building the track from the beginning to end using a limited amount of specific game pieces. 

I'm working on this project daily, and will continue to post updates.